Anet Baba Mosque

The Mosque of Anet Baba

The Mosque of Anet Baba in Semey, built between 1856-1862, is an iconic landmark known for its twin minarets and distinctive design. Located approximately 1 1/2 kilometers southeast of Central Square on Abay Street, it is easily accessible by bus #29.

The mosque’s façade features beige and white stripes and ornate decorations leading up to the entrance, crowned by a green dome and flanked by minarets topped with crescent moon-shaped roofs. Its unique brown and white patterns set it apart, making it a cherished architectural gem in Semey’s rich heritage. To the right of the Abay statue, a short walk north on Zhumbaeva-Voroshilova Street unveils another mosque with a single tower, further adding to the city’s architectural diversity.