Nomad City Hall

Nomad City Hall

Nomad City Hall is a versatile stage platform that seamlessly transforms to accommodate a wide array of events, from cultural and entertainment gatherings to international congresses, forums, conferences, and more.

This adaptability is made possible through innovative technology, including a rotating floor and stage.

Spanning an impressive 4,905 square meters, the Hall of Energy within Nomad City Hall features a well-designed hall with seating for 1,018 individuals.

This includes 594 seats in the main hall, 209 seats on the second-floor balcony, and 194 seats on the third-floor balcony. Additionally, the second-floor balcony boasts VIP seating for 21 people.

Conveniently situated within the EXPO-2017 Exhibition Complex, at the base of the Nur-Alem Sphere, the Hall of Energy offers easy access from a parking area and features a central VIP entrance, making it a prime location for a wide range of events and gatherings.