Karaganda Central Mosque

Karaganda Regional Central Mosque

The regional central mosque is located in the ethnopark named after the “10th anniversary of Independence”. The mosque is one of the largest mosques in Kazakhstan. The capacity of the mosque is 4000 people. The mosque is three-storeyed, the height of the four minarets is 51 meters.

In addition, above the mosque is the main dome with a height of 12 meters and 8 small domes. On the second floor there is a men’s prayer hall for 3,200 people, on the third floor there is a women’s prayer hall for 800 people.

The mosque in the traditional style is decorated with Kazakh ornaments. When decorating the interior, all products, from artistic ceramics to carved lattices, were made by local craftsmen. Mosques in Arabia, as well as a mosque in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), were taken as a model for the design.